6 New Year’s Resolutions To Sell Your Home

6 New Year’s Resolutions To Sell Your Home
 OMG John 12/27/2017 12:00 PM

Last week, we looked at helping potential homeowners set New Year’s Resolutions to get them into a new home in 2018. This week, we’re going to look at New Year’s Resolutions for homeowners who want to sell their home in 2018. What do you need to resolve to do in 2018 to make this happen for you and your family?

Resolution # 1 - Clean Up Your Home.

Deep-clean your home, shampoo the carpets and rugs, and declutter. This can add up to 5% more value to your asking price, just by making the appearance of your home more pleasing to potential buyers.

Resolution # 2 - Listen To Your Realtor.

Your realtor knows what’s trending in your neighborhood or city. Listen to his or her expertise. If he or she is recommending certain quick fix items like replacing a garage door, adding some landscaping, or other lower-cost items, consider doing these to up your home’s value on the market.

Resolution # 3 - Stage Your Home.

Ask your family and friends (the ones who will be BRUTALLY honest with you!) how your home appears when they come over. Would moving your furniture around make the flow of the room more appealing and inviting? Is your space much too cluttered (if so, check out Resolution #1 above!)? Scour home and decor magazines to see what’s trending. If necessary, commission a home stager.

Resolution # 4 - Resolve Not To Get Upset About Feedback.

Once your home is listed, don’t get upset about the feedback from other realtors or their clients. Use each item as a suggestion. Some you take, some you don’t. But you can weigh each decision with your realtor to see if taking that suggestion would increase the value to your home and/or help it sell more quickly.

Resolution # 5 - Set A Moving Date.

...and don’t get upset if it has to be moved! But by having this date in mind from the beginning of the process, you’ll have a goal in mind for the massive project of selling your home.

Resolution # 6 - Find A Professional You Can Trust.

Choosing the right real estate agent can make a huge difference in how quickly you sell your home. Make sure to find one that you’re comfortable with (because you WILL be spending a lot of time together!); one who can answer all of your questions; and one who makes you feel comfortable with the process. This is much too important a financial decision to try as a DIY project.

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