Creating Share-able Property Pics For Selling Your Home

Creating Share-able Property Pics For Selling Your Home
 OMG John 5/23/2018 11:41 AM

Listing your home for sale is a complicated process and involves so much more than just putting a sign up in your front yard. Getting your home organized, staging various rooms to create a welcoming environment, updating your home appliances, and making other small improvements to increase curb appeal are just a few of the “prep steps” to get your home ready for that “For Sale” sign.

Once you have your property looking its best, it is also important to take some great property photos to go with your Omaha real estate listing. People will definitely judge your home by its “cover,” so it is imperative that you make these photos count!

Tips To Create Shareable Property Pics For Selling Your Home

Use a tripod.

Shaky hands can cause out-of-focus pictures.

Shoot the best angles in each room.

If you have a room with amazing artwork or great light, shoot that room first to highlight those great selling points. Avoid taking cliche pictures or ones that you have seen the likes of in a million other Omaha real estate listings.

If you need some inspiration, tour your own home like you are a buyer as if you’ve never been there before. Imagine how it may look through someone else’s eyes. What would you like to see featured? What would make you WANT to walk through it in person?

Take wide-angle shots of the front of your home to showcase the landscaping.

If you’ve invested in professional landscaping or spent lots of your own time in the yard, show it off! Don’t take close-ups of the greenery. Step back and give viewers a “big picture” view of what your home looks like from the street.

Make sure all the pictures are high-quality images.

Low-resolution pictures are awful for interested home buyers. When viewing a picture of a home they like online, many people will zoom in on different features of the room or home. Low-resolution images make this impossible, which may cost you a showing or potential buyer.

In addition, make sure all of the images are crisp. Blurry pictures of your home won’t help it sell.

Use natural lighting - and more! - to maximize the beauty in each room.

In other words, NO DARK PHOTOS. Dark photos can make your home seem dirtier and less appealing. Additionally, details and selling points of the rooms will be next to impossible to make out in the dark.

Open those drapes and blinds to let the sunshine in. Try to schedule pictures for bright, sunny days, too. Avoid pictures at night or on cloudy days.


If you and your family are preparing to sell your home or are getting ready to start house-hunting, contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you get started or answer any questions about Omaha real estate!