Hello new home, now what do we do?

Hello new home, now what do we do?
 OMG John 8/29/2018 12:43 PM

The hard work is almost over. Yes, almost. So grab your  celebratory drink, find the takeout menus and sit down and enjoy. The next morning is when the unpacking starts. You need Wi-Fi , cable and electricity for your Keurig machine. Ugh, who knew a new home involved so many small steps we take for granted while renting?!

These are the six things you need to immediately do once you move into your new home.

Locate paperwork

Always, always know where a copy of all your mortgage documents, loan papers, closing papers and more are located at all times! You can store them in an filing cabinet, have a folder specifically for this paper work, an old box underneath the bed - you decide. The point is, it doesn’t matter where this paperwork is stored as long as YOU know where it is.  

These documents carry  all of your private information from annual salaries to social security numbers, but it can help you in the future. It’s terrible when a natural disaster damages your home, but worse when you can’t file an insurance claim. To file a homeowners insurance claim you need all this original paperwork and more for certain instances.

Let there be light!  

It’s neither ideal to live in the Stone Age in 2018 nore  is it ideal to have to redo all your utilities, cable and internet. This should be done before you leave your old home or apartment. But if you forgot, simply call your providers in the area and get your utilities transferred.

In Omaha, you will need to call MUD for sewer, water and gas utilities.  For electric, call OPPD and your internet provider could be either be CenturyLink or Cox Communication. You’ll have to turn on the water and electric for your new home and the services will be transferred from your old space into your new home.

Call the U.S. Postal Service  

A new home means a new address, so make sure to forward  bills or mail to your new house. A simple way to do this is changing your address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Just  fill out the paperwork online or go into your local post office. This means USPS will be responsible for  forwarding all new and old mail to your new address.

Get a home security system

Regardless of your zip code, you will want a home security system. Some homes do come with an already installed system. The next step is to call the provider.  If your system needs a four digit code of some sort, don’t make these common mistakes! You want to created a password code only your household would know. . This can be your bank pin, the date your parents got together or your old student I.D. !

Who are thy neighbors

The right or wrong neighbor can make all the difference! No, you don’t need to make brownies as a peace offering to your neighbor. Just go over there, introduce yourself and start a conversation.

If you plan on being in this home for five years or more, it’s important to get along with your neighbor. Do you want to creep a little bit before hand? (oh stop, we all do it.) This is a website you can use to see who is around you in the neighborhood.  

Home maintenance

A step sometimes forgotten about is scheduling a home maintenance inspection. You never know what DIY project lurks underneath the leaky faucet. You also never know if an older house needs serious updating with plumbing, electrical, foundation repairs and more. (This is when a crisis bank account is necessary.) Before you get settled, paint and get into the groove of things, call a professional. They can help you figure out what is needed.

It isn’t easy transitioning from renting to a first-time homeowner, but it’s possible! Just take it one step, one box and one day at a time.