House Hunting Tips For Summer 2018

House Hunting Tips For Summer 2018
 OMG John 5/30/2018 11:33 AM

House hunting in the Omaha housing market during the summer months can be challenging.

What tips do we offer our clients for house hunting in the summer months?

Pay close attention to the neighborhood.

In summer, more families are outside their homes, doing yardwork, having family time, and just enjoying the weather. You’ll be able to check out more of what your potential new neighborhood really consists of and who takes care of their homes in the neighborhood.

Don’t worry about what you’re wearing.

Summer months means higher temps so don’t try to dress formally to go house hunting. Sandals and shorts work just fine.

Take a good look at the home itself.

In most cases, summer is going to be the best time to view a home - inside and out!

You can see how much has been done with landscaping outside. Plus, you’ll be able to clearly view any areas that may need improvement. Nothing is hidden under snow or ice.

Inside, you’ll have the most natural light available to you to see how your future home looks. You’ll also be able to use this to identify any problem areas, such as mold, mildew, or foundation problems.

Don’t necessarily discount a fixer-upper just because it needs some work. Craft your offer around these issues in the house - or decide to make your offer even stronger by noting them, but not asking for them to be repaired. With the tight inventory available in the Omaha housing market, these offers could get special attention from sellers.

Use your imagination.

You’ll be seeing the outside of the home in (hopefully!) the best condition and the neighborhood’s environment, too. You should be able to imagine your family and friends having BBQs, outdoor parties, shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July, and other family gatherings much easier than when everything is covered by a dismal layer of snow or the sky is overcast.

Watch real estate prices.

Statistically speaking, spring is the hottest season for homes getting listed for sale. From May to October, prices may drop a little. Keep an eye on the prices for homes you are interested in and you may see some drops over the summer months.

And, as always, make the strongest offer - even if it’s not the highest.

Strong offers may not always be the highest offer, or those offering just cash. Many can include generous contingencies, like a shorter closing or inspection period, or writing a great offer letter to make your offer stand out.


If you and your family are preparing to sell your home or are getting ready to start house-hunting, contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you get started or answer any questions about the Omaha housing market!