How Technology Has Changed Buying And Selling Real Estate

How Technology Has Changed Buying And Selling Real Estate
 OMG John 10/18/2017 6:00 AM

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home the internet and social media applications can be a place to go. The internet and social media has had a large impact on the realtors and consumers in the industry. This is because the way the real estate market once worked is no longer the same way.

How Has Technology Changed Buying & Selling Real Estate?

  • Online Listings: 80 percent of all homebuyers are searching online. They are no longer driving through the neighborhoods or calling realtors themselves. The first thing they are doing is opening Google.
  • Social Media Apps: The second thing most people are doing is downloading social media realtor apps. However, only 9 percent of realtors use social media for their listings. This can be a great tool for a realtor. It is free and allows you to reach a larger audience. If you already have a personal social media page for your listings, go ahead, and give it a test run on how well it goes.
  • 3-D Virtual Tours: This allows for someone to see the house before purchasing it. This gives the customer a clearer idea of what they are exactly walking into and cuts down on driving time and appointment time for the sellers, buyers, and realtors.
  • E-Signing Services: This allows for multi-party real estate transaction to save time and stay organized. The relator can respond to their client in different ways than before with this service. They can share files, get legal signatures, and more, all from your own personal spaces.  

While social media and the internet has many upsides for buyer and sellers it cannot do everything for you. You want a professional at your side for a variety of different reasons.

Why Do You Still Want A Realtor By Your Side?

While all homebuyers and sellers can instantly find and post listings from their smartphones and computers, it does not replace the service and expertise of a realtor. This is because real estate agents know the local market the best and can access all of the newest deals. They can also save you from a disaster waiting to happen. The disasters can be a number of different scenarios such as:

  • The seller being offended when it comes to you bidding extremely below what they are asking for the house.
  • You can think it's the “perfect home,” but walk into a place that doesn’t look like the pictures that were posted online.
  • For a seller, thinking a deal is closed only to find last minute they back out without any help available.

A realtor is someone you can lean on during the buying and selling. They know the market the best and each communities law and regulations. The real estate market in Omaha is showing positive trends for the future. For more information check out our blog post, “Mortgage & Home Market Predictions for 2018.


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