How to help your pets adjust to your new home

How to help your pets adjust to your new home
 OMG Ellie 3/13/2019 8:50 AM

Although moving into a new home may be exciting, it can also be a lot of work to get everyone adjusted to the new home, especially, your pets! So, when it comes to the challenges of moving across country or just down the street with pets, you have to be prepared to make the trip!  

Some prep work you need to do before you move are:

Not only is moving with pets hard on you, it can also cause stress for your pet. In fact, when you are stressed, your pet can start to become stressed as well.

If your pet, is exhibiting weird or bad behaviors, such as accidents around the house or chewing on things they shouldn’t, this is likely caused by stress.

No need to worry! Use these six easy rules to help your pet adjusted to your new home.

First, try to stay as consistent as possible! Continue to use your pets daily routine, such as feeding times, walks, playtime, cuddling and bedtime. By establishing the same routine in a new home, your pet can gradually adjust to the new environment.

Second, bring your pets favorite bed, toys and treats! It may seem like a good time to get all new everything for your new house, but actually items like these are a source of comfort for your pet. So, hold off on the new bed or toys until your pet has fully settled into their surroundings.  

Third, determine what you can do to ease your pets stress level. It can be something as simple as letting them stay in their crate while you unpack. Overall, the goal here is to let your pet adjust to your home in their own time.

Fourth, make your pet a safe hide-a-way from all the boxes and suitcases! Although these are only temporary, if your pets are unsure of them it could cause pets to be skittish, hide or run away. By giving your pet a safe place away from all the commotion of moving, they can destress from the days activities.

Fifth, let your pet explore if they want to! By letting them sniff in and around their new home, pets can get a better idea of their surrounding and get settled into their new territory faster.

Sixth, show your pet a lot of love! You’ll be surprised how much a extra belly rub, tug-a-war or cuddle session can change your pets demeanor.

Overall, if you are moving across country with a pet you should utilize these six rules to get your pet adjusted to your new home.


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