How to manage your electricity bill during the holidays

How to manage your electricity bill during the holidays
 OMG Admin 12/5/2018 9:35 AM

As your neighbors start to set up their holiday decorations you might be humming, “’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” However, your beloved Christmas lights, Christmas tree and other holiday decor could be sending your electricity bill through the chimney! One of the hidden costs of buying a home is your utility bills.

The national average of 13.3 cents per kilowatt-hour doesn’t seem like an outrageous amount on its own but, when you consider how many strands of lights you plug in every year for your Christmas tree or your front porch, you will likely understand how the costs continue to climb.

Here are six christmas energy saving tips that will help you stay on budget with your electricity and show off your holiday spirit.

Upgrade to LED lights

The beauty of LED lights are that they shine brighter and use less electricity than incandescent lights. A standard LED strand of lights uses up to 2.4 watts per hour. Unlike, incandescent lights that use 20.0 watts per hour.

Think about using solar lights

If you’re interested in an alternative that doesn’t use electricity, than solar lights are for you. All the lights need is plenty of access to sunlight. This way they can charge for four to eight hours during the day and then shine bright for up to 15 hours overnight!

Invest in rechargeable batteries

If you haven’t thought about rechargeable batteries yet, get some! They are a great resource to have for any battery powered decor like a string of lights for your mantel, candles and even ornaments. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with cords and adding more power strips to your outlets by using rechargeable batteries to light up your indoor holiday decor. Plus, this will help keep your home safe from open flames and overloaded electrical outlets that could start a fire! All you need is a battery charger and you’re set for the holidays.

Use light timers

One way to limit the amount of electricity you are using is by setting a timer. A timer helps to ensure that your lights are only being used at certain times. Of course, you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck. So, you’ll want to set your lights to shine in between sundown to about 10pm. This ensures that you get to enjoy them and not being wasteful all at the same time.

Install a Nest Thermostat

If you can, you should install a Nest Thermostat in your current heating system. You won't be sorry you did. This app is a great resource for any smartphone user to regulate their home’s temperature from any location with a tap of a finger.

Change the way you use everyday electronics and appliances

  • Reverse your fans rotation so it blows hot air downward.
  • Unplug electronics that you’re not using.
  • Maintain your heating system and keep your house warm all winter.  

By making these small changes, you can help save your house from joining the naughty efficiency list and save yourself some money at the same time. The Fairfield Team hopes you enjoy using these holiday energy saving tips that will help light up your home this holiday season.  


Home buyers, spend less time worrying about your utility bills and spend time more time enjoying your new home. If you are looking to relocate or buy a new home in the Omaha area. Contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you find the perfect home for you this holiday!