How To Move Your Pet Hassle-Free

How To Move Your Pet Hassle-Free
 OMG John 4/5/2017 6:00 AM

Moving in general can be such a hassle, but moving with your pets can make this event even more stressful.

Here are some helpful tips to get your pet ready to move, help them during the move, and get them adapted to their new home.

Getting Your Pet Ready To Move:

  • If you are moving across state lines with your pet then you need to update all of their paperwork. If they are microchipped, then you need to call the company and update your address.
  • Make an appointment with your current vet to obtain a health certificate, refill any prescriptions, update any vaccines that they may need, and get a copy of your pet’s medical records.
  • Try and stick as closely to your pet’s routine as you can. Pets can get stressed when their routine is disrupted and it can make them less cooperative.
  • If you are just moving down the street or to a different part of town, consider taking your pet to the new neighborhood and get them familiar with the surroundings.

On Moving Day:

  • Since moving day is such a hectic day, you want to keep your pet contained as much as possible, whether this is keeping them in their crate or designating a member of your family to be the “babysitter” and take care of the pet as their main responsibility that day.
  • When you pack your car to move, pack your pet’s favorite things to make them feel more comfortable. Don’t forget things like food and water, toys, bedding, and towels in case of an accident.
  • If you are staying overnight on your drive, make sure you find a pet-friendly hotel for your family to stay in.

Helping Your Pet Adapt:

  • Move your house before you move your pet. Move in as much as you can and get as much set up as you can before introducing your pet to their new home. The familiar items in the new house will help your pet adapt much more quickly.
  • Once you get situated, give your dog a VIP tour of the home. Show them all the rooms and let them make a couple rounds.
  • Again, it might take a couple days to adjust so try to continue to stick as closely to your routine as you have been and act like nothing has changed.

If you and your family are looking for your next home, please let us know and we can help all of you with the process!