How to prepare your home for holiday houseguests

How to prepare your home for holiday houseguests
 OMG John 11/28/2018 9:05 AM

During the holidays, many families has a designated house that is the host of all the out of towners of the family. The problem with holiday houseguests are that there are always things that can go wrong while they’re visiting.

That’s why, you should plan ahead for any mishaps or any hail marys you’ll need to use while your guests are here. It may seem like your house has to be perfect and have all the seasonal maintenance done before the holidays, but, it doesn’t. All you need is a place for your guests to sleep, shower and eat while they’re here.

First, prep your house for holiday guests:

The first thing you can do to prepare for house guests is to get your cleaning done ahead of time. When we say “cleaning,” that doesn’t mean deep cleaning the house from ceiling to floor. The type of cleaning that we are referring too, is washing bed sheets, towels and blankets. Also, you’ll want to try to declutter heavily traffic areas like the kitchen, living room or stairways.

Another way you can prepare for your holiday houseguests is to purchase extra bathroom supplies. One supply that is always good to stockpile during the holidays is toilet paper. No one wants to have to go to the store before they can use the bathroom.

Another simple item you might want to keep on hand for guests is extra shampoo and conditioner for those who forgot to bring their own.

Second, make designated areas for your guests:

We all know that guests come with a lot of baggage, one way we can try to minimize the clutter over the holidays is to designate places for their stuff to go. You’ll want to give each family member a place to sleep, shower and relax.

The first rule to making room assignments, is to always try to put all the kids in the same room, if possible. This will help save room and contain any messes that they make.

If your guests are bringing their pet, you’ll want to find a space for them as well. A great place to keep any pets kennel, food and toys are in the laundry room or in a downstairs bathroom. Both of these areas are low-traffic areas and they are both usually located away from the hub of holiday festivities.

Third, set rules and expectations for your holiday guests:

It can be hard to tell family what they can and cannot do. But, part of host for the holidays is setting clear boundaries for the kids and adults staying under your roof.

As a house guest, they have certain responsibilities to uphold. Some of these responsibilities include: respecting your property, following your household rules and cleaning up after themselves. No one wants a rude house guest!

Forth, plan activities for your guests:

The best way to get your guests out of your house for an hour or two while they visit is to plan activities they’ll want to do as a group. A great idea that will keep your guests busy for hours is a trip to the nearby shopping mall or movie theater.

If you’re unable to encourage your guests to go shopping or to decide on a movie, don’t panic! There are things that you can have at your home that will help you in this situation. A board game that will keep the kids busy for hours. Another inexpensive option, is a deck of cards because they are versatile for any group size or game preference. Both of these options ensure that everyone is entertained and together during your holiday festivities.

Lastly, get your guests favorite snacks and drinks:

It may seem like you’re doing a lot of work to make your guests comfortable at your home but your guests are probably just as overwhelmed as you are to be staying in your home. So, to help you make that little extra effort to make your guest feel at home offer to get their kids favorite snacks or get their favorite kind of beverages. You’ll be surprised how far some comfort food or drink will get you during this holiday season.

No matter how the holidays go, you should still make the most of your time with your family and friends. Don’t let holiday guest drama ruin your day. Remember, your house guests are leaving soon.


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