How to spring clean a home’s exterior

How to spring clean a home’s exterior
 OMG Ellie 4/10/2019 8:19 AM

Now that Spring is finally here, it’s time to get the exterior of your home ready for the season! It’s important for all homeowners to know how to spring clean a home’s exterior properly. In fact, the task can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start cleaning. No worries, we have some simple things you should start with to clean and repair the exterior around your home!

Get your cleaning supplies ready! It’s time to wash away all that winter grim.

When it comes to exterior house cleaning you need to assess all the regular problem areas. Look at your siding, deck, sliding glass doors, gutters and windows.

Your best bet for getting the best results out of washing down your siding or deck is to use a power washer. Not only will it save your back the stress of scrubbing, but it is also a fairly easy and quick way to get a flawless clean! However, you need to know how to use a power washer correctly! Make sure you have the settings on medium and stand back from the area you are trying to clean. That way you can prevent any debris from spraying back at you.   

Meanwhile, other exterior house cleaning jobs, such as cleaning your screen doors and windows require a little extra elbow grease. It’s up to you what kind of cleaning products you prefer to use, but there’s no harm in using soap and water to get the job done.

For other ways to clean the exterior of your home, you’ll want to check gutters and rain pipes to make sure they are prepared for the April showers! This means making sure to clean out all debris from the water pipes and gutters. Because most people don’t like getting up on a ladder, there are tools you can get to do all your gutter cleaning from the ground. If you believe in the “no risk, no reward” moto you can try a different approach like getting on a ladder.

The best tools to use to clean your gutters from a ladder is to use an air compressor attachment that can blow out all the gunk gathered over the fall and winter months.

Don’t forget the front of your home! Making sure to clean your homes front porch or entryway is yet another reason to whip out those cleaning supplies! Not only will it make your neighbors jealous, but it will add extra curb appeal to your home for resale!

Look for any repairs that need to be made!

Unfortunately, some of the hidden costs of owning a home is having to pay for repairs after a long winter. It’s important for all homeowners to check for damages and future repairs such as gutters, shingles, siding and deck.

Once you’re done with all the exterior house cleaning and repairs, all there is left to do is enjoy it! Whether it’s having a  barbecue in your backyard or having family fun by sitting on the patio, you’ll be glad you got all of your spring cleaning out of the way!

Are you spring cleaning to get your home ready to sell? Contact the Fairfield Team and let us help you get started searching for your new home!