How to stage a home to sell

How to stage a home to sell
 OMG Ellie 5/1/2019 10:15 AM

As a homeowner, trying to get the biggest bang for your buck isn’t always the amount of upgrades you’ve done. The atmosphere of the home could be the biggest selling point. An asset most homebuyers forget about is staging a home.

Even though it might seem like a waste of money or time, home staging Omaha can be very important for the sale of your house. Two ways staging can benefit the sale of your home is by selling it faster and selling for more money!

What’s the reason? Think of it as setting a scene, you want the homebuyer to feel at home, so make it look like a home! The impact of home staging Omaha is huge; according to a study, 49 percent of real estate agents agree!

First, you need to declutter and depersonalize all spaces of your home!

Not only does clutter and too many personalized photos send the wrong message to homebuyers, but it can also be weird and deter a sale.

Think about it from a third person  point of view, what would you do if you walked into a home and the first thing you saw was a photo of a child with braces staring at you? That would be weird, right?

As far as first impressions go, homesellers want to draw attention to their house, not towards other listings! Therefore, investing in cute storage containers and doing a little spring cleaning can really go a long way when getting your home ready to sell.

Second, you should set the scene for homebuyers!

The best way to setup your home is to pick a home design that can cater to a number of different homebuyers.

Take the time to think about paint colors, furniture and artwork that will really show-off each space the best. Some of the best paint colors for resale are neturals like grey, light blue and tans. By using neutral paint colors, you can really focus on using the furniture and artwork to accent each rooms strengths instead of its weaknesses.

Pay attention to the placement of every element to maximize space and create an everlasting impression for homebuyers! Most people tend to think the more furniture they can fit in the space the better. However, when it comes to staging small spaces in your home this is not true!

Try to think of simple ways to utilize all your space, such as hidden storage compartments or replacing big bulky furniture with ones that will fit in the space better.

A future buyer might want a space that feels open and has plenty of natural light. Open the curtains and add decor that helps create an inviting but open atmosphere.

Another way to really give homebuyers a better idea of the potential of your home is use place settings on the dining room table, fresh baked goods in the kitchen or other personal touches.

Some things to do are:

  • Use natural light to your advantage! You’ll be amazed at how it can really change the appeal of a room.
  • Keep walkways and flooring clean!
  • Replace any old rugs to make the best first impression possible.

Types of staging that can hurt the sale of your home are:

  • Using too much decor or other design elements
  • Not giving the home enough distinction from other listings

After all, home staging Omaha is a science that takes time and effort if you want the best outcome. By keeping these steps in mind, you’ll be able to stage your home to sell it this spring!

If you are looking to sell your home, please contact the Fairfield Team and let us guide you in the process of staging your home!