It’s Not Me, It’s You : Breaking Up With A Bad Realtor

It’s Not Me, It’s You : Breaking Up With A Bad Realtor
 OMG John 2/21/2018 6:00 AM

You used to be listened to. Calls used to be returned. Emails used to be read. They’ve ghosted out on you. But, now you’re left wondering if there’s something to be salvaged or if it’s just time to move another realtor.

The first thing to do if you’re having issues with your realtor is to examine your contract. Review it carefully to see if there’s an option for early termination.

What Are Good Reasons To Break Up With Your Realtor?

Consider what constitutes an offense bad enough for termination, in your opinion.

Most times when we meet with a client who is coming off of a bad realtor relationship, it’s over communication issues, how their property is being marketed, high-pressure sales tactics when they’re walking through properties, or the agent goes MIA for days (or even weeks!) on end.

We’ve also run into situations where realtors no show on  their clients or make decisions for them.

These situations are never good - for either party!

Occasionally we’ve run into a legal problem where the realtor isn’t sharing a property disclosure with buyers or refusing to show your home to people from certain minority groups, if any of those issues happen, they need to be reported to their broker.

Some other signs it may be time to part ways?

  • You find yourself disagreeing with them all the time, in complete polar opposite directions. And no agreement can be found.
  • Your blood pressure and your voice rises whenever you have to have a conversation with them.
  • When you talk about your realtor, you’re using nasty or unflattering adjectives almost as a reflex.
  • Your thought processes about the entire real estate process are becoming completely irrational.
  • All requests are ignored, even when they’re repeated over and over.
  • You automatically send them to voicemail whenever their name shows up on your caller ID.

How Can You Break Up With Your Realtor?

Have a face-to-face conversation to do the breaking up, but be sure to put the actual termination in writing.

The agreement you signed with your realtor (if there was one) is in writing. The “break-up letter” needs to be in writing, too. Make sure you document your reasons.

How Can You Prevent Having To Break Up In The First Place?

  • Ask how long it takes for them to get back to a client who is actively house-hunting or has listed their property with them. Once they answer, see if it matches with your communication expectation.
  • Ask your potential realtor how long their properties usually stay on the market. Also ask how they market their listings.

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