Moving In Cold Weather?

Moving In Cold Weather?
 OMG John 1/3/2018 6:00 AM

You’ve settled on a new home, your offer has been accepted, the closing has happened, and it’s time to move. In the Midwest. In the winter. (We feel your pain!)

Here are some of our tips and tricks to make sure your winter move goes as smoothly as any other move:

Our top tip? Use a reputable moving company.

Okay, this is actually the first ten tips we give, but still…

Reputable moving companies are equipped to handle moving you in good weather AND in bad weather. If it’s in the budget, use a reputable service.

If a moving company isn’t in the budget or if you’re a DIY-er…

Plan the route ahead of time.

Because Midwestern winters can be unpredictable, try to stick to the larger streets as much as you can. If there’s snow or ice on moving day, chances are that those paths will be clearer than side streets!

Pack all electronics well.

We recommend sealing electronics in waterproof plastic bags or in waterproof totes. Slush and computers do not mix well!

Take extra care with fragile items.

Any items that are very delicate and may freeze or break should be wrapped especially carefully and it’s probably best to keep them in your personal vehicle, as opposed to the moving van or larger vehicles that may take longer to unload.

Start early in the day...

...especially if bad weather is expected. Your moving day will be made much longer if there’s ice and snow on the ground. And there will be delays. Starting earlier in the day than you normally would will help so that you’re not unloading boxes and furniture into the night.

Make sure that the walkways for both places are taken care of and cleared of ice/snow.

Not only should you shovel the walkway and stairs for wherever you’re moving out of, but you should also have a shovel and some de-icer for your new home also. Slipping and falling when you’re carrying a box of fragile items or heavy furniture won’t be fun for anyone!

Keep extra winter supplies handy.

This means supplies for your car (jumper cables, tow ropes, window scrapers), supplies for your movers (gloves can get wet fast!), and extra sheets or towels to wipe up puddles on floors, protect furniture from water stains, or to quickly wipe off any electronics that may get a little wet in the move).

Sign up extra volunteers.

With bad weather, you’re going to get cancellations. More than the usual amount. Sign up extra volunteers. If everyone shows, you’ll just be moved that much more quickly!

Speaking of helpers, spring for the good refreshments!

Hot refreshments are always a good idea in bad weather: tea, cocoa, coffee, or cider. Also provide plenty of water. People can still get dehydrated, even in the cold air!

Don’t forget about your pets!

And, with any of our clients, we like to make sure you don’t forget about your pets when you’re moving. For tips on those, see our blog post: How To Move Your Pet Hassle-Free.

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