New Year’s Eve Resolutions For Pet Owners

New Year’s Eve Resolutions For Pet Owners
 Deanne Fairfield 1/17/2017 6:00 AM

New Year’s Eve is over and we’ve all likely made a few resolutions that we are trying to keep: Exercise more. Lose weight. Read more. Less screen time.

But, you might want to think about your furry friend — and maybe something you can do for him or her this year.

Get them a medical check-up

Make sure your pet sees a veterinarian at least once this and every year for an annual exam. Your vet can check dental health, lumps and bumps, heart murmurs, and update shots.  

In Omaha, March 15th is the licensing deadline and you’ll need updated shots – so think about those appointments now.

Get them ID'ed

Make sure your pet has i-d.  Whether it’s a tag or a microchip it’s crucial to getting him back if he gets lost.  A tag can come off but if someone finds your pet, they can call you immediately.  A chip is permanent.  A veterinarian or the Nebraska Humane Society can read the chip.  My dogs have both and I highly recommend that for your dog.  My dog’s tag just has my cell phone number.  If my dogs are ever lost, I will have my cell phone very close to me.  As you put his tag on, Check his collar —you should be able to run two fingers beneath it. Take an updated photo of your pet too—it’s good to have on hand in the event you need to find him

Pay attention to your pet

Especially in winter with limited outdoor activity — your pet gets as bored as you do and may become destructive.  A game of tug, tag, hide the kibble, or simply petting your guy is all quality time that will pay off.  

Enroll in a fun class with your dog.  

The Nebraska Humane Society has a number  of classes called, “Fun with Fido.”

Practice good pet hygiene

Winter is a good time to trim the fat.  If he’s not moving as much this winter, cut out treats and reward with attention.

Brush him …this will not only remove dead hair and keep his coat healthy—it will also help you identify lumps, hair loss or other changes that should be checked by your vet.  

If you have a kitty, clean his litter box daily and do a complete litter change once a week.  (That will be nice for him and for you!) 

Just sit with your kitty and stoke him.  Try some new toys, maybe a paper bag that you move like a mouse and play with your kitty.

Spend time with your pet

We all get busy and it seems I never get enough time with my pets—so make the most of the time you do take with them—the payback is another great year of companionship and unconditional love from your best friend!  


If have any questions about your pet’s behavior, please call the Nebraska Humane Society Behavior Helpline at: 402-905-3421 or You can always be comfortable that any advice you get from the experts at NHS will be the best and the most humane advice in town. The Behavior Helpline is also free.

Have a wonderful – pet-filled – 2017.  

Is this the year for a new house - one with a bigger yard and more room for your pets to run around?  I love helping families find their forever homes!