Omaha organizations the Fairfield Team supports

Omaha organizations the Fairfield Team supports
 OMG John 10/24/2018 9:09 AM

The heart of the United States, Omaha! Omaha has a reputation of being a flyover state with corn, cows and little in-between but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A big city with a small town feel, the Fairfield Team loves Omaha for many reasons. We love the city, Midwestern culture, atmosphere, food and even more.

The one thing we love the most while living in Omaha is being a part of the city’s different communities! We support these local nonprofits organizations in Omaha!  As an Omaha real estate team we have to love the city we sell homes in!

These are the top nonprofit organizations in Omaha the Fairfield team supports.

The greatest organization since sliced bread?

An organization that has been in Omaha since 1975 is Girls Inc. However, the nonprofit organization in Omaha was once called Girls Club! In 1975 the club was running out of a basement in a city church with six girls involved. Fast-forward to now and the nonprofit organization in Omaha has two different locations serving hundreds to thousands of girls in the Omaha area!

Girls Inc. provides transportation, counseling services, healthy meals and snacks and computer access to the girls each day. 86 percent of girls in Girls Inc. reading program made literacy gains during their time with the organization, and more than 36 alumnus of the program are heading to college or have graduated from college!

We are NorthStar!

NorthStar deploys its five core programs: academics, athletics, arts, outdoor and experiential learning and employment readiness with science behind all of it! The theory behind their programs is called the Theory of Change! The programs and theory help young males complete higher levels of success with school, employment and quality of life.

NorthStar is the only single-sex organization of its kind in Omaha! NorthStar offers five different programs:

  • Afterschool programming
  • Athletics and team sports
  • Camp NorthStar
  • Omaha Outward Bound school
  • Community garden (Spring event)

This after-school program is helping the futures of school-aged boys to achieve and help the next generation of Omaha.

Opportunities for children, teens and adults in Omaha

Another nonprofit organization in Omaha that we support is Omaha Outward Bound School. Omaha Outward Bound is owned by NorthStar, but its own entity in the Omaha area. This school offers the following for children, teens and adults in Omaha. The youth programs offer:

  • The boulder
  • The ascent
  • The summit
  • Youth service leaders expedition
  • Urban expedition

All of these are designed to be a mindfulness exercise with team development courses and a reflection at the end.

The organization also offers corporate programs. These programs are offered to engage with coworkers in your business in different settings than the office! 96 percent of participants believe the experience will improve organizational culture and help them feel closer to their team members. The same types of programs are offered like the youth ones; however, a unique one is the climb and dive event.

These organizations are ones we believe it and hold dearly to our hearts! These nonprofit organizations in Omaha are just a couple of reasons of why Omaha is such a great city. The low cost of living is one of the others.  Go to our website to check out the other organizations in Omaha we take pride in working with.


Don't forget about Omaha's non-profit organizations that provide opportunites for children, teens and adults. Contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you get started on hunting for your new home!