Relocating to Omaha in the fall

 Relocating to Omaha in the fall
 OMG John 8/1/2018 9:44 AM

It’s hard to believe, but summer’s winding down and school is around the corner! If you’re looking at relocating to Omaha, you couldn’t have chosen a better season.

Okay, yes, to be fair, we’re never going to say that relocating to Omaha is a bad idea. We love it here!

So here are our top eight reasons why relocating to Omaha in the fall is perfect

It’s generally cool enough to move

When you’re moving, you don’t want to deal with extreme colds or extreme hot. Spring is generally a little damp. Fall is the perfect time to get your boxes and furniture moved into your new home.

Plus, you may even get a moving discount

Since fall and winter are considered “off-season” for moving companies, you might  earn some discounts!

Family-friendly city + award-winning schools = win!

Omaha has been voted as a family-friendly city and our city boasts some award-winning schools for those families!

Omaha hosts some great restaurants

Is your palate into American, Mexican,Chinese, Jamaican or Ethiopian? Yes, those flavors are found here in Omaha.  We have a high density of restaurants, too!

Our pumpkin patches and haunted houses are amazing

In the fall, pumpkin patches pop up in  the metro for families. Pick pumpkins or eat other seasonal fruits and veggies. Don’t forget about wholesome family activities.   If you’re brave, Omaha is known for some of our haunted houses!

We’re not too far from Nebraska City’s AppleJack Festival

If you haven’t been to the AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City, it’s one of our favorites. Fresh apples, apple wines, orchard goodies and a parade!

End-of-season outdoor sales means you get can get a jumpstart on decorating for spring

When home improvement stores clear out their outdoor furniture and grills , you can save money on outfitting your home. Plus, you’ll have a few weeks to still enjoy it before you have to put it in storage for the springtime

You can settle in before the holidays really hit

If you move into your new home in Omaha during the fall, you can be at least mostly unpacked before the holidays come.

Still not sure about relocating?

Check out our “Relocating tips for families.”


If you and your family are relocating to Omaha, contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you get started, coach you through home negotiation tactics or answer any questions about the Omaha housing market!