Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag

Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag
 OMG John 3/22/2017 6:00 AM

The most popular season for selling your home is right around the corner and those “For Sale” signs are going to be popping up left and right. So how do you get your house to stand out among the others for sale around you?

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get your home ready to stand out.

1. Research the right price.

Marking your house at a price that is not only appealing to buyers but is also fair to you can quickly send buyers your way. The key when pricing your home is to take the value of your home and shave about 15-20 percent off of that. This is appealing, even in the worst markets.

2. De-clutter ALL the nooks & crannies.

It’s a given that buyers are going to snoop in every corner of the house including your closets and storage rooms. Take out half of the belongings in your closets and then neatly organize the rest of the items you leave behind when showing your house.

3. Pick the agent/broker that is best for you.

Picking the wrong one can put you on the fast track to killing the sale of your home. Find an agent that is familiar with all of the comps and for sale houses in neighboring areas.

4. Hide your pet’s belongings.

Yes, everyone loves a cute dog but potential buyers don’t want to see your dog’s food and water bowl sitting in the kitchen.

5. Do not over-upgrade your home.

There’s upgrading and then there is making every appliance state of the art. Please avoid the second option. It’s the little things like changing door knobs and faucets or hanging up new curtains that will go a long way.

6. De-personalize your home.

As weird as that sounds, buyers want to be able to picture their belongings in the house and seeing your things instead can block that for them.

7. Look at your kitchen from your buyers’ eyes.

It is true, the biggest selling point of a house is the kitchen. You aren’t even selling your home to potential buyers, you are selling your kitchen. Having a dated kitchen can easily knock $10,000 off of the asking price. Spend the extra money to upgrade and you’ll end up making that money right back.

8. Be prepared to be show-ready at any time.

Your realtor can call at any moment with a showing opportunity, so your home always needs to be “show ready.” Keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean and the bedrooms clutter-free. A buyer can pop buy at any time.

9. Examine your curb appeal.

Like the saying goes, “you only get one chance for a good first impression” and this goes for homes as well. As soon as a buyer pulls up to your home it is being judged, so keep curb appeal in mind.

Everyone wants their home to go up for sale and get sold without a hitch and as quickly as possible. Following these simple steps can ensure that your home will be noticed by potential buyers and you will get the most out of your asking price.