The craziest things that hurt your home’s value

The craziest things that hurt your home’s value
 OMG John 8/15/2018 11:19 AM

You might assume adding in that beautiful vintage chandelier, trimming your hedges to represent your favorite animal or having your home represent the Addams family mansion is great! If you plan on never moving, go for it. However, if you plan on moving eventually be careful about the additions you’ve been adding.

This is a small list of the top seven items that will hurt your home’s value.

Keeping up with the neighbors

Never got around to adding a central A.C. unit in Omaha? Well, this is like forgetting to add a pool in Florida. Not keeping up with maintenance and features needed in homes in your area and neighborhood will hurt your home’s value.

A home without the common features of others in the neighborhood can have an overall lower value. You don’t need to go crazy and add extra bedrooms or any major additions, just check out what the neighborhood is offering in their houses.

Major cracks in pavement

This can signal to the future homeowners that there was little maintenance done on the home. This is called deferred maintenance. This is everything from broken fixtures to that giant crack in the driveway.

Strange landscaping

You might be a creative person and your house resembles this creativity, and for you, this is home sweet home! For the future buyers, not so much. Any landscaping that is too unique or unusual can cause a decrease in your home’s value. As Landscaping London states, “costly landscaping decorations will not increase the value of your home, but rather increase the maintenance required for it…”

The worst neighbor in history

Does your neighbor never mow their lawn, throws parties ALL the time and is kind of shady and weird? This effects your homes value as well. This has nothing to do with you, but it does change how people view your home.

Texture on ceilings

When we say “texture” on the ceilings we are meaning dry wall art and popcorn ceilings! There is nothing wrong with giving your ceiling some character.

Popcorn ceilings can be difficult to remove and we all know they could be hiding a bad drywall job underneath! It is drywalling 101, do a bad job just add some popcorn over it.

Additionally, that popcorn ceiling might be hiding more than a bad job. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that asbestos might be found in these older ceilings. If you bought a home from the 1970s or before you should check the popcorn ceilings because they were all the rage. Get it fixed for your health and your home’s value.

A swimming pool

Despite what most people believe, a swimming pool is not the best way to add value to your home. Why does a pool decrease your home value?

This is because the people who want a pool are specific families with children and teens. Plus, if it is colder more months of the year than hot, people won’t want to invest in the time it takes to maintain a pool.


An evaluator comes to your home and realizes that the neighborhood prices are down because of foreclosures. This is bad news for you. This is because the homes are neglected, run-down and are eye-sores in the community.

Yes, it isn’t your fault, but it does affect how your home is sold. No one wants to live next to an abandoned home with the chance of bugs, vermits and people breaking into it.

Don’t worry, if any of these items apply to you there is time to fix it! Make sure to check out this list and search to see what could make your home’s value decrease. A decrease in the value can make it harder to sell in the future.


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