The Dos & Don’ts Of Moving On After Breaking Up… With Your House

The Dos & Don’ts Of Moving On After Breaking Up… With Your House
 OMG John 2/14/2018 6:00 AM

Selling a home that you’ve lived in for years, that you’ve improved on and become a family in, can be a majorly-charged life event. Just like romantic break-ups, that home may not be perfect for you any longer. So, what can you do? And, more importantly, what SHOULD you do?

Do Get Dressed Up.

Staging your home is an important step in the process for sellers. It’s important to put your home’s best face forward. Get rid of clutter. Put some of your stuff in storage (which makes it easier to move anyway!). Do some minor home repairs that your realtor may suggest in order to build up your home’s appearance. Make your home look great so it has a chance of attracting someone new!

Do Remember The Good Times.

Reminiscing is a good thing. Letting your realtor know the wonderful things about the house you’ve called home makes it easier for him/her to pull out great details for your listing. Your fond memories of your home may be just the inspiration your realtor needs to craft that perfect ad or display the features and rooms that other families may enjoy, too!

Don’t Forget That There Were Bad Things, Too.

Putting together a list of why you were selling may help you remember that when the sale gets stressful or as you start to make repairs/improvements that your realtor recommends. There were reasons why you wanted to move… Do you remember what they were? More space? Less space? Newer construction? Not in love with the neighborhood any longer?

Do Leave Things Clean.

There’s no need to leave the house a mess or leave the new homeowners with a mess. Respect your old home and the new homeowners by cleaning up after yourself. Be sure you’re out of the new buyer’s way BEFORE closing, not during or immediately after.

Don’t Trash Talk.

There’s also no need to speak badly of the home you’re getting rid of to anyone who will listen. You never know who they know - including the new buyers!

Don’t Ghost Out.

Once your home is listed for sale and the showings have started, if you’ve fallen back in love with your home, then not answering your realtor’s calls or not calling him/her back will only serve to upset your realtor. Be upfront if you have any concerns or questions during the process.

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