The Low-Down on Kitchen Remodels

The Low-Down on Kitchen Remodels
 OMG John 12/6/2016 4:34 PM

We can’t say it enough...Kitchens are one of the best places you can spend your upgrading dollars in your home. The majority of family time, family gatherings, and most days are in the kitchen. And, as Omaha-area realtors, we can tell you, whenever we show a house, most of our potential buyers make a beeline for the kitchen. Upgrading it to make you happier or to improve your resale value, when done in a smart way, almost always pays off for you! recommends kitchen remodels as their #1 smart investment to boost your home’s value. Their tip differs a little from some of the other articles out there. They recommend thinking about your layout and workspace, or “The Triangle” (where your cooking area, sink, and dishwasher meet). The questions they ask in their piece include:

  • How far is your cooktop from your sink?
  • Is your dishwasher close to the sink?
  • Are you tripping over stools and a butcher-block table to get from one corner of the “triangle” to the other?

Once you take a look at the layout of the kitchen, and fix whatever flow needs to be fixed, then it’s easy to plug your appliances, hardware, and cabinets into the redesign quickly and easily.

One of our partner companies, G.M.S. Werks, provides lots of information on their site about natural stone elements for many of the rooms in your home, including your kitchen.

Three G.M.S. Werks blog posts we’d like to draw your kitchen-curiosity attention to, include:

G.M.S. Werks also has a wonderful visualizer you can use to help you plan out your project. You can choose the type of stone you’re interested in for your countertops, and choose backsplash, cabinet colors, and flooring to really get a cohesive image put together.

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