Things Buyers Do That Drive Realtors Bananas

Things Buyers Do That Drive Realtors Bananas
 OMG John 8/23/2017 6:00 AM

If you read our last blog then you will know that sellers can drive realtors nuts, but buyers aren't off the hook either. Much like sellers, buyers want to try and control every aspect of the home buying process since they are the ones handing over the money, but once again it needs to be left to the professional.

Here is a list of things that buyers do that drive realtors bananas:

  • House shopping before even getting approved.
    Getting pre-approved is the first major step in the buying process and you can’t do anything unless you do get pre-approved. House shopping before you get pre- approved can be dangerous. Let’s say you start shopping and find a house you fall in love with, but you can’t put in an offer because you haven’t been approved. You now have to watch your dream home be sold because you got a little ahead of yourself.
  • “Ghosting” your realtor.
    “Ghosting” doesn't just happen in relationships. For those who don't know what ghosting is, it is when you are unresponsive to texts and phone calls for days a time. This can be avoided if all the expectations are laid out in the initial meeting that you have with your realtor.
  • Refusing to participate in negotiations.
    When it comes to negotiations you are going to have to give and take a little bit. Not every home you like at is going to have everything on your wishlist and you are going to have to compromise with the seller a little bit.
  • Neglecting the kids at appointments.
    Bringing your kids to showing appointments can be a challenge. The last thing they are going to want to do is tour a house with you. If you are able to not bring them with you, that is ideal. If you have to bring your kids with you then bring something that can keep them entertained while you are touring the home.
  • Dreaming a little too big.
    You can want this and want that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to find all of those things in one single home. Think realistically. Secure what you NEED first and what you WANT later.
  • Bringing your dogs to showings.
    We know that your dog is also a part of your family and they need to like the house also, but you always run the risk of them having an accident in the house you are touring.
  • Making extremely low offers.
    It's insulting when buyers put in insanely low offers on a house the first day it is on the market when the homes around it are going for at or above the selling price.
  • Having a change of heart.
    People are indecisive and it happens, but being indecisive on a large purchase such as a house is huge “no-no.” You CANNOT put in an offer on a house and then change your mind once it is accepted.
  • Trying to do the realtor’s job.
    Buyers that do their own searches and send homes for realtors to look at are a pain. They usually send houses that are out of their price range and are nowhere near what they said they were looking for.
  • Forgetting to leave their manners in the car.
    Some buyers don't think before they speak and end up speaking negatively about the home while still inside. Leave these conversations for when you are in the privacy of your own home or when you are alone with your realtor.

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