Tips For Selling Your House Over The Holidays

Tips For Selling Your House Over The Holidays
 OMG John 11/22/2017 6:00 AM

Last week, we talked through some of the tips of house hunting over the holidays, but what about selling over the holidays? The experts agree that the ideal time to sell your home often falls in the spring months, everything is green and fresh and the air smells good. In the winter months, people “hibernate” in their homes or get too busy with the holidays to think about purchasing a new home. But listing your home for sale at this time of year means that you’re competing against less “stock” on the market. So what are some tips for selling your house over the holidays?

  • Make your home warm and cozy.
    Nothing really says warm and cozy more than wintertime. Imagine having someone walk into your home for the first time, from the freezing cold outside, and smelling homey smells, feeling warmth, and seeing holiday decorations (tastefully done, of course - see the next tip for that one!) up.
  • Decorate tastefully for the holidays.
    This is not the time to re-enact National Lampoon or to hang up all of the pictures of your Ugly Sweater contests through the years or to display every knick knack you’ve ever received for the holidays, but decorating tastefully for the holidays can help with staging your home. Play it “safe” with a few well-placed lights, a tasteful wreath, and a homey well-decorated Christmas tree that warms up your living space.
  • Keep your home clean.
    Chances are, if you do a lot of holiday entertaining or you have family staying with you, you’re already on the cleaning train! Great, just keep that up for showings.
  • Keep your schedule as flexible as possible for showings.
    With holiday parties, it’s not always easy to be flexible for last-minute showings. But try to block time off on your calendar. If you and your family routinely travel for the holidays, this can be a great time for your realtor to show your home without displacing anyone’s schedules!
  • Include pictures of your landscaping from other times of the year.
    In your listing packet, be sure to include some pictures from spring, summer, and fall. It’s hard to imagine how those terraced flowerbeds look in the flowering months when those terraces are buried under a blanket of snow. If you’ve invested time and money into making your yard look great, show it off as best you can!
  • Don’t hide the kids’ unwrapped presents in closets.
    Buyers do look through closets to see how much storage space your home offers. They may, inadvertently, leave a door open. That could ruin a kid’s Christmas morning! Plus, jamming more into closets makes everything look packed and often makes storage spaces look smaller than they really are. Find an alternate location for hiding things this year!
  • Take advantage of the baking and cooking you’d normally do over the holidays.
    Leave a plate of holiday cookies out on the counter. It’s much easier to think of a place as “home” when you walk in the door to the smell of something freshly baked or cooked AND you get a treat, too!

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