Tips For Staging Your Home For Potential Buyers

Tips For Staging Your Home For Potential Buyers
 OMG John 6/7/2017 6:00 AM

Once you put your house on the market, you are wanting it to sell as quick as possible and get the price you were hoping for. Successfully styling and staging your home with the top things that homebuyers are looking for can help you get those results.

Here are some tips and tricks to staging your home for potential buyers:

  • Boost your curb appeal
    The outside of your home is the first thing that potential buyers see when they pull up to your home. Make sure you have easy-to-read house numbers, wash your windows, mow your lawn and plant fresh flowers and fresh greenery.
  • Have a welcoming porch
    Make your porch say “welcome home” by putting out fresh potted plants, a nice clean doormat, and a piece of porch furniture or two.
  • Clean away all your clutter
    Clean and clear away surfaces, floors, cupboards and closets. Potential buyers will look through these areas as they are walking through the house and they don’t want to open a cabinet to see it crammed full of things.
  • Entice people to explore the whole house
    Place things throughout the house that will draw the attention of buyers. Pique curiosity with a piece of artwork, an accent wall, or a vase of flowers.
  • Beware of pet odors
    You might not notice pet odors because you are used to them, but buyers will smell them immediately. Steam clean all carpets and rugs and be sure to hide away any toys or bones that your dog likes to leave around the house.
  • Think seasonally
    If it’s summer, make sure your garden is in beautiful shape and your firepit or pool is clean. If it’s fall or winter, create a cozy environment by starting a fire and having some fall scents throughout the house.
  • Home Lighting
    Lighting is one of the keys to making your home warm and inviting. Make sure your home has these three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.
  • Neutral and appealing rooms
    Painting rooms neutral colors can help tone down any dated finishes that you may have in your home. Bold colors can reduce offers, so go with neutral colors especially in large rooms.
  • Freshen up
    Some people can’t afford to give their kitchen a brand new look, but just getting new doors and drawer fronts can make it look like a new kitchen. You can then paint everything to match and get new hardware.

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