Tips & Tricks For Homeowners Traveling With Pets

Tips & Tricks For Homeowners Traveling With Pets
 OMG John 3/15/2017 6:00 AM

All homeowners want their furry friends to be able to experience vacation with them, but traveling with pets can be nothing shy of a headache, especially if you have never done it before. These are tips and tricks to make the adventure to your destination just a little bit easier on yourself and your pet.

Traveling By Plane:

  • Avoid switching planes at all costs. If it’s possible, book a direct flight. This will cut down on the number of times your pet’s carrier has to be moved around.
  • Make sure your pet has had all of their vaccinations prior to flying. Vets suggest doing this 10 days prior to departure. Tranquilizing your pet is not recommended. Ask your vet for other recommendations on how to relax your pet. If you are traveling outside of the United States, your pet might need additional shots and you should contact the country you are traveling to for more info.
  • Purchase a crate that is USDA-approved. Your furry friend should be able to sit, stand, lay down, and turn around in his or her crate and it should be lined with bedding and shredded paper towels to absorb any accidents.
  • Your pet’s crate needs to be properly identified with the words “Live Animal” as well with your personal information such as name, cell phone number, and a photo of your pet, in case it were to get out of its carrier.
  • Inform all flight crew that you are traveling with a pet in the cargo area. This includes gate agents, grounds crew, and flight attendants. If you have any concerns about your pet or would like s/he to be checked on, notify the flight crew immediately.

Traveling By Car:

  • Before your journey, get your pet used to the car by letting him sit in on car rides to run errands or to pick up the kids from school.
  • To avoid your dog getting sick, make sure s/he is traveling on an empty stomach, but make sure they have plenty of water at all times.
  • Double check that there is appropriate air flow throughout the car, especially if they are staying in a crate during the car ride.
  • Never let your dog ride in the back of an open truck or let them hang their head out of an open window. This can cause serious eye problems.
  • Stop frequently to let your dog use the restroom. No one wants to clean up any accidents along the way.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car especially during the summer months. If you must leave the dog in the car, instruct someone to stay with the dog while you are gone.

Pet Sitter Tips:

Traveling with your pet isn’t always an option for every family. Pet sitters are always an alternate choice to boarding your pet in a kennel.

Here are some tips on pet sitters and the services they can offer you and your family:

  • Pet sitters allow your pet to stay in the environment that they are the most comfortable in and they can keep the routine that they are used to.
  • You and your family get to have the peace of mind that your pet is being taken care of in the comfort of your own home.
  • Having a pet sitter also makes it look like your home isn’t completely empty. This can keep away burglars if they notice someone is picking up your mail and newspaper.
  • Pet sitters can make sure that your pets are exercising (taking dogs for walks, etc.) while you’re out of town, ensuring that they’re not gaining weight while you’re gone.
  • And if anything does go wrong with your pets in your absence, your pet sitter should be able to take them into their veterinarian, so there isn’t the added stress of your pets going to a new vet in a new place.
  • Pet sitters can provide other services such as caring for plants and grooming your pet if need be.