Top 10 Happy Hours In Omaha

Top 10 Happy Hours In Omaha
 OMG John 1/17/2018 12:00 PM

So we know the holidays are best in Omaha and that Omaha was voted #3 for first-time homebuyers last year, but did you also know we have the best happy hours? It’s true!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite places to grab a happy hour drink or quick bite to eat (in alphabetical order, just to be fair!):

Blatt Beer & Table (3 locations - North Downtown, Shops of Legacy, & Flagship Commons)
With great discounts on their drinks and a partial menu available, the Blatt is a great place to hang out with friends. And with three locations around Omaha, there’s a good chance there’s one close to you!

Blue Sushi Sake Grill (3 locations - Grayhawk Pointe, Shops of Legacy, & Old Market)
Each of the locations have their own happy hour menu so if you click on the link, be sure to select your closest location from the dropdown menu. The menus vary a little bit from location to location, but their signature martinis, drinks, and appetizers are all offered at a great value.

Bonefish Grill (Regency)
Bonefish’s happy hour specials features all-new menu items and a good selection of their popular hand-crafted cocktails, wines, and draft beers. (And can we just say, you HAVE to try the Bang Bang Shrimp!)

Crave (Midtown Crossing)
Crave offers both the normal happy hour and a reverse happy hour at the end of their night. $4 specials on their drinks and unique menu items makes this a great happy hour at a great price!

Hiro 88 (3 locations - Maple Street, Old Market, & Millard)
Hiro 88 actually offers two happy hour specials - Reverse Happy Hour and Mid-Day Happy Hour. In addition to discounted drinks, there are also some of their yummy appetizers and sushi rolls on their happy hour menu. And with three locations around the Omaha metro, there’s a good chance that your home or office is close to one in an up and coming area!

Mark’s Bistro (Dundee)
Half-price wine happy hour... Need we say more? Yes? Okay. Mark’s happy hour wine special runs from 2pm until close (yes, until close) on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Kona Grill (Village Pointe)
From their Mules to their Sangria, everything here is wonderful and they have specials on some of their sushi rolls and hot appetizers, too!

Mula (Blackstone)
Mula offers their Happy Hour Tuesday through Friday, plus ALL-DAY (yes, you read that correctly!) on Mondays. Special pricing on their drinks and certain food items and their unique flavor combinations makes this a special happy hour everyone should try at least once!

Pitch Pizzeria (2 locations - Dundee & West Omaha)
Pitch offers discounted drinks and select menu items (including their pizzas!) during their Monday through Friday happy hours. Yum!

Roja Grill (2 locations - Old Market & Shops of Legacy)
Roja offers a traditional happy hour Monday through Saturday, but then also a Reverse Happy Hour on Friday and Saturday evenings after 9:30pm. Great deals on their bar drinks plus reduced prices on their most popular menu items makes this a great deal!

Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list. In fact, we **may** even have a Part 2 coming in the near future!

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