What A Dad Wants In Their Home (Bring On The Man Cave)

What A Dad Wants In Their Home (Bring On The Man Cave)
 OMG John 6/14/2017 6:00 AM

All dads want that one (or two) spots in their home where they can go do man things. These man things include watching sports, working on their cars, or fiddling with their toys and collectibles. While moms want more practical things like a mud room, a larger laundry room, or a double oven, dads want things that can they can call their own. If they can’t find a place for it, they’ll just build it.

Here is a list of things ALL dads want in their home:

  • The original man cave (whether that’s a basement or garage)

  • A shaded platform for his grill. Every dad wants to show off their grillmaster skills
  • A storage shed big enough for jet skis, pool toys, and their cars
  • A separate space for their collectible items/trophies (once again, more toys)
  • An outdoor grill that’s close to the kitchen and connected to the house so you don’t run out of gas mid-grilling
  • A work bench

  • Work space/private den
  • Access to the great outdoors
  • Room for a home brewery
  • Virtual Golf
  • A large TV room (preferably with a projection screen)
  • A kegerator (or endless amounts of beer)

  • Exotic car collection
  • A room strictly for darts, where it’s acceptable to have holes in the wall
  • The ultimate surround sound system
  • Chest of assorted (hidden) snacks
  • Weight room
  • Drones to fly around because, why not?

Last on our list is going to be the new up and coming man cave AKA the outdoor kitchen cave. While mom has taken over the inside kitchen, this is outdoor oasis is a dad and grill master’s dream. Picture this...a rustic stone area with a state of the art grill, the ultimate fireplace, a lounging area fit for a king, a gas stove and a fridge stocked with only the best craft beer has to offer (and snacks, course).  

While having all of these knick knacks and extra things would be so totally awesome for a dad, the number one thing on their list is being able to provide a nice home for their family.

Questions on finding the right home for your family with some knick knacks for dad, also? Contact us and we would love to help you out!