What Omaha has to offer home-buyers looking for affordable options

What Omaha has to offer home-buyers looking for affordable options
 OMG John 10/31/2018 8:42 AM

For most first-time homebuyers it can be a struggle to purchase affordable housing that is located in a desirable area and that has all of the must-have upgrades. But, for the average Omaha first-time homebuyer it may be more affordable than you think. In fact, millennials make up about 47 percent of that age group that are homeowners in the Omaha area. Meanwhile, other parts of the Nation are ignoring newly renovated or built homes to stick to their budget.

The Midwest’s new-home sales are still on the rise. The sale of new homes in the Midwest has increased 6.9 percent in September compared to August. Specifically, the Omaha real estate market appears to be to showing the strongest rate of growth in the nation.

If that isn’t enough reason to relocate to the Omaha area, Omaha has a variety of desirable neighborhoods that will make your decision to relocate to Omaha that much easier.

Desired neighborhoods to live in Omaha

The most popular areas to live in the Omaha area are located in the heart of the Omaha metro area. For instance, Aksarben Village, located just off of 69th and Center Street, offers modern architecture, restaurants, parks, the Aksarben Cinema and the Baxter Arena. Another feature that this location offers because of its close proximity to the University of Nebraska at Omaha is the diverse ages and cultures that surround the Aksarben Village area.

Popular neighborhoods in Omaha:

  • Aksarben Village
  • Benson
  • Old Market
  • Dundee

Suburban life in Omaha

For those looking to start a family or join the suburban lifestyle in Omaha there are a couple hot-spots to be aware of. One hot-spot that is known for its variety of activity is the Ralston location. Ralston offers sporting events, craft shows, musical performances, and more at their very own Ralston Arena. The people of the Ralston enjoy their well kept homes and the small-town community that Ralston offers to its home-buyers.

Popular suburbs in Omaha:

For some home-buyers, it may be the culture that these locations offer or the close proximity to a variety of restaurants, gyms, shopping, arenas and more that gain these areas their popularity. But, for most people who live in the city of Omaha the reason is simple, “It’s home.”

These affordable areas are just a couple reasons why people who relocate to Omaha truly enjoy the experience and are able to make connections within their beloved neighborhoods. Go to our website to check out the other desirable neighborhoods in the Omaha area.


So, if you are in search of an affordable home or you are worried about making the right move to a new neighborhood in Omaha the Fairfield Team can help you make that decision. Contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you get started on hunting for your new home!