What To Ask When Interviewing A Realtor

What To Ask When Interviewing A Realtor
 OMG John 3/7/2018 6:00 AM

Maybe it is not as important as choosing a mate, but choosing a realtor can make or break one of the biggest financial transactions in the lives of most people. It is so important before signing on with a real estate agent to make sure you feel comfortable with them and that they can handle you and your family’s unique situation.

Keep in mind, you are hiring your real estate agent to do a job for you, and should interview them as such  - whether that is buying a new home, selling your existing home, finding investment properties, or helping with the sale of one home while transitioning into another. Meet with a few different realtors who have come highly recommended by your professional and social network to get an idea of which one fits the best for your individual needs.

If you are stuck and unsure of what to ask when choosing a real estate agent, here are some frequently asked questions to get you started:

General Questions About Experience & Communication Styles:

If You Are Looking To Buy A New Property:

If You Are Looking To Sell A Property:

  • How many homes did you sell last year?
  • What is the price range of the homes you have sold?
  • On average, how long do your listings remain on the market
  • What was the average ratio between the original listing price and the final closing price?
  • How will you sell my home faster than another realtor? What sort of marketing plan will you use to set my house apart from the current market?
  • Where and how often do you advertise? Do you use direct mail?
  • What kind of photography do you use?
  • Do you use a home stager?
  • How do you market your online listings?
  • Do you have a feedback system so I can hear what potential buyers think about the property?
  • What do you see as the points of improvement in my home?
  • What are the frustrations of working with sellers?

No Matter What The Scenario:

If the agent does not have reviews online, on their social media profiles, or through their broker’s site, then ask to see a list of their references. Double-check that none are relations, and ask if you may contact them directly.

Always close your initial meeting with a question like: What haven’t I asked you that I need to know about you? Pay attention to their body language when you ask this and the words they choose.


If you and your family are getting ready to start house-hunting for a new home or are preparing to sell your home, contact the Fairfield Team and we can help you get started or answer any questions about the process!