What you need to know about buying a home for the holidays

What you need to know about buying a home for the holidays
 OMG Ellie 12/19/2018 8:31 AM

The holiday season is in full swing and so is your hunt for a new house. For most people, the holidays are meant for spending time with their families, doing some last minute shopping and decorating their homes. But, what if you don’t have a house to host the holidays in?

It just so happens that the best time of the year to buy a house is during the winter. Buying a home during the “off season” gives the home buyer a great opportunity to find their dream home when the competition is less stiff.

Although, it may seem counterintuitive to put a big ticket item like buying a house before christmas on your holiday shopping list, it really does make sense.

The five things you should know about house hunting during holidays

First, there’s little competition.

In places where the winter season brings snow, ice or both, home sales tend to hibernate. This also means that there is less competition when it comes to buying a house. Instead of dealing with multiple offers and a bid war; you may only have to deal with one or two buyers. This improves your chances of getting the home you want for a reasonable price.

Secondly, sellers are extra motivated.

Most sellers want to put their homes on sale during the spring season, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. The most common reasons for selling a home during the holidays is estate sales, divorces and job loss. Do your homework and find out why sellers are listing their properties for sale. Use this to your advantage when it comes time to make your offer.

Thirdly, there are fewer properties for sale.

As a home buyer, it can be easy to be overwhelmed during the spring house market as there are too many options to choose from. Also, you might feel pressured to settle on a home that doesn’t have all the must haves on your wishlist because of the competitive market. That’s why, it might be a good idea to look for homes during the winter.

Next, you’ll see the home at its worst.

Seeing a home at its worst, doesn’t mean the homeowner has not cleaned in a while. In actuality, it means seeing the home during one of the most brutal seasons of the year. You’ll notice things like drafty windows, cold basements or an inefficient furnace. A house that can withstand winter is a house worth considering.

Lastly, greater accessibility to professionals.

During the winter, December is usually a slower month all around, you will have easier access to people, such as, mortgage brokers.

Overall, the Fairfield Team encourages our customers to consider house hunting over the holidays. It’s a great opportunity to get a great price on your dream home and start off the New Year, right!


The Fairfield Team is dedicated to providing our homebuyers with the best homes that Omaha has to offer. If you are looking to relocate or buy a new home in the Omaha, contact the Fairfield Team and let us help you find the perfect home this holiday!