What’s New To North Omaha?

What’s New To North Omaha?
 OMG John 10/4/2017 6:00 AM

The neighborhood of 30th and Parker in North Omaha used to be known for gang violence and low-income housing. It was filled with barracks-style complexes and housed 182 families until it became vacant. This area is now being reborn into The Highlander Development, a rental housing development that sits a few miles north of Downtown and Midtown Omaha. Along with it, a 65,000 square foot community center that is being called the Accelerator is also rising. Next to this will be a playground, a swimming pool, and a green area for space for concerts and entertainment.

The design of this community is to go along with the other trendy residential neighborhoods that are popping up all over town. There is still a lot to be done in the community like constructing a workout room and a community greenhouse for fruits and vegetables. The tenants of this community will also have access to an Aromas Coffeehouse and a food hub. Creighton, Metro Community College, and UNO will all also provide programs here.

The homes in the Highlander Development are townhouses, some with three bedrooms that are designed to house multi-generational families. Also being built are apartment buildings that will line either side of 30th street. These homes will house mixed income families and a little under half of the units will rent for $1,250 a month and the rest will be subsidized housing. The developers say it is already looking promising with all but a couple of the units being leased before they are even ready.

A three-day anti-poverty conference that started on Monday was where the planning and redevelopment of North Omaha was revealed and it brought a lot of praise to the room. Billionaire businessman Warren Buffet who is backing the redevelopment was a headline speaker. Attendees of the conference were taken from the Hilton Downtown Omaha where the conference was being held to tour The Highlander Project which is being completed later this year.

Developers see hope in North Omaha and are looking to start building 50 to 70 single family for-sale homes in 2018. Many former residents are looking to move back to North Omaha given the new development that is going up.

There are so many amazing projects going on in the Omaha community and here at The Fairfield Team, we love highlighting and sharing how progressive this community is both in its willingness to work together and the generosity of so many to bring projects like The Highlander Project to reality. We have much more work to do, but the commitment and effort by so many is a real reason to be optimistic about our community and our country.

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